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“Proud Of You” Churchill Overjoyed As Butita Meets Steve Harvey In US

SPM Buzz owner and Comedian Eddie Butita is among the people who accompanied president William Ruto on his tour to US.

During the tour, the team met with renown TV host Steve Harvey at Tyler Perry’s studios. On his social media platforms, Butita revealed Harvey admitted to seeing him on YouTube.

He further said that meeting the popular TV host had been his dream in the past 4 years, expressing gratitude to the head of state for making it possible.

” ‘I saw you on Youtube’ words from Steve Harvey. Thank you Mr President for this honourable connection, meeting Steve Harvey Has been a dream for the past 14 years today it became a reality. We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business success in showbiz it is show and business and I’m happy our creatives are factored in this conversations,” he wrote.

Following the encounter, his mentor Daniel Ndambuki Churchill said that he was so proud of him.

“This man Eddie Butita. Keep believing, keep building. So proud of you, Mungu mbele,” Churchil said.

MC Jessy was also not left behind.

“Look at you young man. It’s your time. Twende kazi kabisaa. Leo let’s celebrate our own Eddie Butita. Leo tumwambie kakitu,” he said.

Butita began his stand-up comedy journey on Churchill show in 2010.

In March this year, he opened up on the toxicity he encountered at the platform.

“I was featured on Churchill Raw for a year, where I showcased my talent and garnered recognition. However, I was denied the opportunity to join the main Churchill Show lineup, despite possessing quality content,” he said.

“Partially it was toxic especially if you were an expert in something. Do we have a reason why YY was doing Churchill Raw? He is a pro. At some point, I was given a job but someone took it away from me,” he said.

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