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Kanze Dena Speaks On Battling Throat Cancer 

Former State House spokesperson Kanze Dena has publicly dismissed recent claims regarding her health, particularly rumors suggesting she is battling cancer.

These speculations have been circulating for several months, with some social media posts alleging that Dena was suffering from throat cancer.

In a candid interview with Parents Magazine, Dena addressed these rumors head-on.

“I am not unwell, I have no idea why people would want to say such things about me,” she stated. “But I guess people have to make money. It’s unfortunate that’s the way people would want to have clicks and to make money, but it’s the world we live in. I am very much okay.”

Dena’s disappearance from the public eye since September 2022, when her tenure as State House spokesperson ended following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s retirement and the succession of President William Ruto, had fueled the rumors.

The transition saw Ruto bring in his own team, leading to Dena’s withdrawal from her high-profile role.

Her absence from the public sphere sparked widespread speculation, with many attributing it to a serious health issue.

However, Dena’s recent statements make it clear that her retreat from the limelight was not health-related.

“I am very much okay,” she reiterated, putting to rest any concerns about her well-being.

The circulation of false information about public figures is not uncommon, and Dena’s case underscores the often invasive nature of such speculation.

Her firm denial aims to reassure her supporters and the public at large that she is in good health and to dispel the unfounded rumors that have been making rounds.

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