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Sweet Man Offers To Clear Betty Kyallo’s Rent Arrears As Auction Day Nears

“Stevo huwezi okolea bae?” Netizens were shocked to hear that Betty Kyallo was struggling with rent at her salon business. The auction is set to happen next week.

Betty Kyallo, a popular media personality and owner of The Flair by Betty beauty shop, is facing a tough time with her shop at risk of being auctioned due to unpaid rent.

In a notice published in the newspapers, Keysian Auctioneers announced the auction of items from Betty’s shop on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. The landlord presented the case, and the auction was set to take place at Leakey’s Storage Limited along Lunga-Lunga road in Nairobi.

The list of items up for auction included important equipment like shelves, massage beds, racks, mirrors, and even CCTV cameras. These were essential for Betty’s business to run smoothly.

However, just when things seemed bleak, a kind-hearted Kenyan man stepped forward.

He offered to pay off Betty’s rent arrears, to prevent the upcoming auction from happening.

Netizens now wonder if he’s serious about his plea or just taking advantage of her situation to chase clout and views his way.


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