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“Yangu Ni Kubwa Kuliko Yako” KBC Anchors Caught On Camera Comparing Sizes Of Their Butt

KBC anchors Regina Manyara and Caren Kibbett filmed themselves playing with their fat nyash in the studio moments before a news bulletin.

Kibbett, who is nicknamed Marakwet Express, started goofing around as she teased her colleague about her booty.

She walked up to Manyara standing behind the camera and sized her up.

Manyara, who was at first glued to her phone, noticed what her playful colleague was up to and she decided to challenge her.

Kibbett and Manyara ended up comparing the sizes of their sitting allowances while filming the contest.

The winner was obviously Manyara because she has a mountain of a booty while Kibbett’s backside is still playing catchup.

Regina Manyara is one of the most curvacious and bootyful news anchors in Kenya, the booty contest with her colleague was kinda David and Goliath’s challenge.

See her photos below:

Regina Manyara13
Regina Manyara12
Regina Manyara11
Regina Manyara10
Regina Manyara9
Regina Manyara8
Regina Manyara7
Regina Manyara6
Regina Manyara5
Regina Manyara4
Regina Manyara3
Regina Manyara2
Regina Manyara1
Regina Manyara booty
Regina Manyara



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