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Former Employee At Betty Kyallo’s Salon Claims The Prices Were High, Service Poor

“The customer flow was good, and she used to make millions from the place. I don’t know what happened along the way, the service was poor, and the prices were very high.” Madina claims this to be one reason Betty Kyallo’s business is facing challenges now.

Betty Kyallo’s Flair salon is facing tough moments like many other businesses due to tough economic times.

It gotten to a point where its equipment is now up for auction to cover rent debts.

Madina, who used to work there and is now a beautician in Dubai, explained why he thinks the salon failed.

According to Madina, the main problem was that the services didn’t match the high prices.

He remembered when the salon started, it was doing well. But as time went on, things changed.

He noticed that there were too many staff compared to the number of customers. This meant some staff had nothing to do most of the time.

Madina believed the salon’s downfall was due to a drop in service quality and high prices.

This affected its reputation and made customers go elsewhere. He said Betty used to make a lot of money from the salon. But something went wrong along the way. The service got bad, and the prices were too high.

Even though Madina left Betty’s salon a while ago, he still had advice for her. He said in Kenya, people often focus more on fancy equipment and the look of the place than on good service and skilled staff. He thinks this is a mistake because it’s the staff who bring in the money, not the fancy stuff.

Betty spoke up about the situation on Instagram. She blamed Kenya’s tough economic times for her salon’s struggles. She said landlords wouldn’t lower the rent, making it hard for struggling businesses like hers to survive. Eventually, she decided to let go of Flair By Betty.

Despite the challenges, Betty feels happier now. She sleeps better and is more at peace. She’s learned that peace of mind is more important than owning a business with a big name. So, she’s okay with moving on. She said after news broke that her business was to undergo an auction.


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