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“Sijui Nitasurvive Aje” Andrew Kibe Troubled As Mungai Eve Blocks Him On Social Media

Digital creator Mungai Eve has blocked Andrew Kibe from her social media channels after his recent attack on her and her boyfriend Director Trevor.

Kibe revealed that he can’t access the content creator but asked his viewers to be sending him the photos she posts.

He however insisted that Trevor is still going to be dumped and that he should be wise enough to start saving and investing in his own tools.

“Mungai amejam leo, finally akaniblock. Sijui nitasurvive aje. Itabidi mukuwe munanitumia hizo picha zake. Eeh Mungai, umeniblock, How will I survive? And Trevor, now that you’re girlfriend has blocked me on social media, she’s planning to leave you. You need to protect yourself. Sasa anza kuweka pesa Kwa separate account. Anza kunua machines zako,” the former Kiss fm host said.

Kibe recently picked on the couple saying that Mungai was planning to dump Trevor very soon.

The former radio presenter claimed that Mungai was already showing signs of dumping Trevor because she was parading her thighs on social media.

“Lets talk about Mungai Eve. The way she is doing those interviews, have you seen her new photos that she is putting on the internet? Kale Kafukuswi hakajui chuma chake ki motoni. Hakaoni. Kuna vile anapangiwa atokwe. The day the woman will be strong enough, she is going to leave that guy crying,” the podcaster said.


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