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“Nakupea Watoto 8 Matwins” Pritty Vishy Introduces Her Brand New Boyfriend

Pritty Vishy anawabadilisha kama makanga wa mat za Ronga!

After her break up from Stevo Simple Boy, she has been in short flings with several men, but all of them face away and sink unfortunately.

Pritty Vishy has taken to social media once again to introduce her significant other, continuing a trend of sharing her romantic relationships online.

It was just last month when she bravely shared the news, exposing the painful truth that her once-beloved man, whom she had introduced to her followers with hope and excitement, had chosen to walk away.

Sharing her pains brought by love and dating, she expressed her disappointment as the man she loved walked away from her life, despite the genuine love and devotion she had given him, to the extent of tattooing his name on her finger.

“You give someone your heart, and he plays with it,he made me get a tattoo, but where is he now.Anyway, we move on regardless.” She said.

Pritty Vishy: Why I Got Ksh120,000 Dental Braces At A Clinic In UtawalaPritty Vishy made it clear that her standards had been raised even higher. Only a man who genuinely understands how to treat and love a woman has a chance to win her.

She further revealed that she believes in herself and that her ideal man must cherish her completely, only then, he will be deemed worthy of her love.

I love you, mama watoto, Pritty Vishy dJ sTARVY

In a beautiful display of love and excitement, Pritty Vishy took to Instagram to introduce her new boyfriend, DJ Starvy, to the world.

“I love everything about you, about us. You just make everything beautiful… You know you drive me crazy, right? I love you babe,”  She announced.

DJ Starvy openly recognized Pritty’s affection and warmly reciprocated her feelings, responding with tender words,”You know I love you, mama watoto.”

Pritty Vishy boyfriend DJ Starvy

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