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“Mimi Sio Diana Bahati” Nyako Threatens To Have Kibe Deported

“Guok! Unafikiria mimi huyo mama alikupea passport, mbw@ hii?” Nyako screams.

Andrew Kibe has immersed his big mouth in the business of Nyako who recently asked fans not to compare her with Madam Boss Akothee.

Nyako claimed that she was among the first Kenyan women to discover European men when Akothee was still struggling as a dancer close to 18 years ago.

Kibe made commentaries on Nyako saying all one needs to impress a Luopean is present them with a passport which is not Kenyan and they are mind blown.

The loud and no-nonsense content creator says he knows everything about America and can actually fly back to Kenya and launch a case at the embassy to have Kibe deported literally.

She further claims his TikTok and YouTube can be closed leaving him hungry without something to eat.

NyakoShe alleges that Kibe ran away from his motherland because of cases and thus he should watch his steps closely.

Nyako boasts of being a mother to an 18 year kid often and the fact that she live in Europe.

Kibe is a fascinating individual with a unique personality. He is known for his vibrant presence and charismatic charm, which make him stand out in any gathering.

Although sometimes annoying, he has an incredible sense of humor that can brighten up even the dullest of moments.

Andrew KibeThis is the drug many of his fans are addicted to even if it somehow hurts others.

Kifee as he calls himself, never hesitates to speak his mind and share his unfiltered opinions, regardless of the situation. This fearlessness in expressing himself has earned him both admiration and occasional controversy.

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