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Miracle Baby: I Prayed To God To Allow Me Die While Battling Stomach Condition 

Musician Miracle Baby has shared a personal story about his struggles with a serious intestine condition that led him to undergo four stomach surgeries.

In an interview with MC Ngugi Wa Karanja, Miracle Baby recounted how his battle with the condition pushed him to question his own mortality and ultimately led him to seek a calling from God.

According to the musician, he was initially under the impression that he was invincible and that he couldn’t die no matter what.

However, after being hospitalized and undergoing multiple surgeries, he came to realize that he was just an ordinary person who could die at any moment.

At the height of his illness, Peter said that he would often ask God to take his life.

“I used to think that I was invincible, but the day I was taken to hospital I saw that I was just an ordinary person who could die anytime. At that time, I would ask God to kill me,” he said.

However, Peter’s wife Carol Katrue was a constant source of encouragement and support throughout his ordeal. She helped him to see that he was not alone and that there was still hope for him.

Fast forward to today, Miracle Baby is now fully recovered and has reported feeling a sense of calling from God to become a pastor. He is eager to serve God’s work and is ready to use his experiences to help others.

“I feel like I have a calling from God to be a pastor,” he said. “I’m ready to do God’s work.”

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