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“I Didn’t Close My Salon Because Of Bankruptcy” Vera Sidika Reveals

Vera Sidika has revealed that she shut down her salon business, that was based in Mombasa, in 2022.

According to the socialite, she didn’t arrive at the decision because of bankruptcy as it had been widely speculated.

In an interview, Vera said that she had to close down the business because of other matters that needed her attention.

“I did it in 2022 but I did not speak about it. The closure had nothing to do with me going bankrupt. It was because I moved back to Nairobi and I was involved in other things. I spent more time in Nairobi so it was hard to focus on a business when I was away.

“You know, if something is not working, you don’t have to force it. Also, running a business is not easy. Even successful people have failed in business. There is nothing to be shy about a business not doing well. It doesn’t mean that you are broke or that your life will not go on. You close it, open another one and life goes on, just a little less stressfully. Sometimes people hold on to things and they end up crashing,” she explained.

At the same time, Vera said that she did not choose to be famous but she came into the limelight because of her skills.

“For anyone who wants to become a socialite, my advice is, go for it. However, you must understand that it comes naturally and you can’t force it. I did not choose to be famous, people made me famous when I showcased my skills publicly. Make sure you are natural. The world is too big and there is a place for everybody,” the mother of two said.

Vera’s journey to stardom began when she appeared in P-Units music video You Guy in 2012 as a video vixen. Also in 2014, she was featured in Prezzo’s song  My Gal.

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