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“Kuoga Ni Mara Mbili Kwa Wiki” Bahati Declares After Heated Debate With Diana 

Diana and Bahati were involved in a heated debate about Bahati’s habits of avoiding the bathroom.

In a video shared on YouTube, Diana lamented that there is a lot of water in their home but Bahati refuses to take a shower.

“If I take him to the bathroom to wash him my white bath cloth turns brown,” the mother of three painted a picture of how dire the situation was.

Defending himself, Bahati said that he wasn’t receiving any encouragement from his wife to go and shower, adding that there are some parts of his body that he can’t reach while cleaning himself.

“Continue shaming me. Is that your joy?” Bahati told his wife.

Further in their video, Bahati admitted that indeed showering for him is a problem. He added that he will only be doing it twice a week.

“Nimekubali mimi kuoga ni shida hata sahi ningekuwa mweupe. Mimi kuoga, tuelewane sahi, ni mara mbili kwa wiki. Friday na Tuesday,” the father of five said.

On Fridays, Bahati said, he would be showering because of the events that he has to attend. His Tuesday bath will serve for the days he will be with his wife at home.

Diana however was suspicious of his intentions to shower on Fridays.

“Juu unaingia kwa event ushikweshikwe na madem. Hio ndio unaniambia nikuallow ushikweshikwe,” she said.

The couple has been entertaining their audience with funny clips as well as videos that intent to show them a glimpse of their lifestyle.

Recently, they cracked netizens when Bahati donned Diana’s night dress as Diana demanded him to remove it. Bahati told her that she also wears his clothes.

“Why is Diana forcing me to take off her clothes?” the musician wondered.

Those who commented on the video urged him to read between the lines.

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