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Mulamwah: I Wouldn’t Be Earning Ksh1 Million Monthly If I Stuck To My Nursing Career

Mulamwah has achieved significant financial success as a digital content creator and has no regret whatsoever ditching his nursing career.

In a recent interview, Mulamwah discussed his journey from aspiring nurse to internet sensation, sharing insights on the importance of education and talent.

Mulamwah’s monthly earnings exceed Ksh1 million, with his income fluctuating based on the number of clients he attracts each week.

When asked about his highlights in the digital space, he expressed no regrets about leaving his nursing career to pursue comedy.

“I have achieved so much in a short period of time through content creation. I believe that talent and education go hand in hand,” Mulamwah said.

“Talent without education is not enough. You need the knowledge to read contracts and interact with your fans. Education is the first thing you should get.”

The comedian emphasized the importance of education alongside talent, citing examples of successful artists who have pursued higher education.

He also revealed his impressive rates for sponsored posts, ranging from Ksh100,000 to Ksh200,000 per post, depending on the deal and the length of the contract.

Mulamwah advised aspiring content creators to prioritize copyrighting their work and investing in their craft.

“Many artists overlook this crucial step, leaving their content vulnerable. Focus on your work and make sure you invest,” he said.

Despite his success, Mulamwah remains grounded and humble. He credits his experiences on public transportation as inspiration for his content, saying that interacting with people helps him understand life from all angles.

“My legacy is to be remembered as someone who started from scratch and made something of himself. I want people to see and appreciate my journey, which is why I showcase my investments online to inspire others,” Mulamwah said.

With his continued success as a digital content creator, Mulamwah is poised to remain a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

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