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“Mimi Ndo Nilimkatia” Kamene Goro Confesses That She Is The One Who Seduced Her Husband 

Kamene Goro made the first move on DJ Bonez and successfully convinced him to be her boyfriend.

Speaking in a session on their YouTube channel with Obinna, Kamene and DJ Bonez shared their love story.

The duo met for the first time in 2016 shortly after Kamene returned from Tanzania after divorcing her ex-husband.

Kamene and Bonez admitted that their chemistry did not hit it off immediately.

DJ Bonez confessed that he held a preconceived notion about Kamene as he associated her with controversial radio personality Andrew Kibe.

He admitted that he used to view Kamene as being a very ratchet person.

However, he clarified that his opinion of her gradually changed over time.

Kamene also admitted that she was the one who initially pursued Bonez, despite him being unsure about starting a romantic relationship.

She revealed her determination by regularly journeying to Mombasa, sometimes even opting for long road trips and surprising him on his birthdays.

Despite the efforts Kamene made, DJ Bonez played hard to get insisting that God would decide their fate.

“I used to drive all the way to Mombasa every weekend, even by road and sometimes I take private flights to go see him. Sometimes I also surprised him for his birthday but still he said God would decide who we were.”

DJ Bones smiled as he acknowledged that Kamene was persistent in her pursuit of his love and affection.


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