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“Unatumia Kamote” Salasya Doubts If TikTok Women Are Naturally Attracted To Kanyari

Peter Salasya was excited to join Pastor Victor Kanyari in a live session on TikTok. According to him, that was his first encounter, and his inexperience played out when he couldn’t turn on in his camera as soon as soon as possible.

Salasya further couldn’t hide his excited when he was finally set for the live session. The two men were overly excited as they engaged in story telling.

“Umepata bibi maana watu wako na shida ya kuolewa hapa,” Kanyari engaged him.

Responding to him, Salasya noted that all of the women were now after Kanyari, something that was a disadvantaged to bachelors like him.

“Umetutoa rada, sa hii kila mwanamke  anataka wewe,” the MP said.

Kanyari admitted that women like him as compared to Salasya. The lawmaker however wondered if Kanyari was using ‘Kamote'(witchcraft) to attract them. He brought up the issue of Rish Kamunge, who was captured seducing Kanyari after getting chance to go live with him.

Salasya noted that Kamunge had been crying so much to meet him, before their shocking live video.

“Ni nyota, njoo nikupee nyota ya kupendwa,” Kanyari offered to help Salasya.

At the same time, Salasya questioned Kanyari how he knew that he didn’t have an idea of how to use TikTok. Kanyari told him that he received a revelation.

In the recent days, Kanyari has taken TikTok by storm, hardly missing to go live every night, to preach his gospel and also for entertainment purposes and also monetary gains.

Salasya, on the other hand, has been forced to engage in a wife hunting mission because of the cold weather.

“This cold weather is starting to force me to think about getting one wife this year and another next year,” he wrote recently.

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