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“Embarrassment” Vera Sidika Bashes Anerlisa Muigai For Fundraising For Her Man

Anerlisa Muigai has been trending on social media after her chats from a private WhatsApp grouped were leaked online.

The chats were leaked by one of her close friends. Anerlisa  was seeking help from her female friends to bail out her fiance who had been arrested in relationship to the fertilizer saga that took the country by storm in the past few weeks.

In the leaked messages, Anerlisa said that they had so far raised Kshs1.8 million, short of the Kshs 3 million that was required to secure her fiance’s freedom.

She promised her friends that they would get a refund once her fiance’s bank accounts are unfrozen.

Following the betrayal, Anerlisa took to social media to lament about fake friends.

On Thursday, she also revealed that she has already known who was responsible for the leaked chat.

“You can play with fake accounts but you can’t play with technology. Glad to have found out who leaked my message. The person smiling with you could be your Judas,” Anerlisa said.

Socialite Vera Sidika, was prompted to comment on the matter after deciding to engage fans in a Question and Answer session.

“Do you think it was right for friends to expose bf fundraising story? thoughts,” a fan questioned her.

Responding to the question, Vera said, “They did a girl dirty. But I think if you got a rich guy he shouldn’t put you up for embarrassment like that.”

“It is is really not cool for friends to expose the fact that you are fundraising for your guy but baby let me be honest, why would you fundraise for a guy that looks like he has money. What he should be saying is ‘babe please go see my lawyer, get 3 million from him bail me out because why, ata afadhali ingekuwa ni mtu hana kakitu. Why would you ask your friends to do that. Your friends would fundraise for you but fundraise for your guy?” she added.

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