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Lindah Oguttu: Stop Spreading Stories That I Work In Mjengo

“I have hawked things in this town! Mjengo pia ni kazi tusitishwe!” Lindah Oguttu says.

Linda’s arrival at KTN sent shock waves through the industry, causing ripples of excitement and anticipation. She was a magnet pulling in many viewers, and until today, most of them definitely envision her look and voice on screen, many months on, after her exit.

Lindah Oguttu became synonymous with excellence, and a force to be reckoned with in the world of broadcasting and locally a darling to thousands if not millions.

In her career path, Lindah Oguttu also found herself playing a vital role as a committee member of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Secretariat.

At the time, the country was sinking and in confusion from a painful ban imposed by FIFA. Lindah, alongside her team, embarked on a mission to uncover a path forward, seeking solutions to many challenges eating local sports to death, Kenya has not moved an inch honestly speaking.

Lindah Oguttu

In the wake of leaving her esteemed position as a news anchor at KTN and working with FKF, Lindah Oguttu’s life took an unexpected turn. Now, she finds herself toiling away in the grueling world of mjengo, where hard labor and sweat-soaked brows become her daily companions but she’s still making a lot of money as a contractor.

Lindah’s mjengo story broke the internet when she posted photos of herself at a site wearing a helmet; but she’s now asking fans to stop sharing the story with her.

Via a tweet she says, “People,stop sending me this story.I have hawked things in this town.1st salary was 4K,living in Gachie.Najua kuhustle.Assume I work in a mjengo,shida iko wapi? As long as we put food on the table. Best part is eating fresh food from kibandasky.Mjengo pia ni kazi tusitishwe!”

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