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“Ulinipea Ukimwi!” Netizens Concerned With Kimani Mbugua In His Latest Outburst

“So you knew you had HIV and you slept with me and gave me AIDS!!” Former NTV and Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua has stirred concern among netizens regarding his well-being.

Kimani, who struggles with Bipolar disorder, recently took to his social media accounts urging those who owe him money to settle their debts promptly or face consequences.

A closer look at his posts reveals a troubling pattern suggestive of someone in urgent need of assistance.

In one video, he appears agitated, reprimanding Kenyans, while in another, he adamantly demands repayment from debtors.

On his X, formerly Twitter account, he has been sharing various encounters with individuals he worked with or claimed to be friends, alongside accusations and political aspirations.

About a month ago, Kimani sought help to locate his phone after an alleged robbery incident while live on TikTok.

He was allegedly attacked during his morning walk in Jomoko, Thika, sustaining injuries but assuring followers he was coping. He promptly reported the incident to the Kiandutu police station, providing the necessary details.

This is not the first instance of Kimani seeking public financial assistance. Last year, he received over Sh500,000 in contributions from concerned Kenyans. Initially, he had appealed for Sh200,000 to kickstart a business venture due to financial difficulties, but the response exceeded expectations, thanks to the generosity of individuals like Tiktoker Nyako.

Kimani’s recent behavior and pleas for help reveals the importance of mental health awareness and support systems.

It’s important for individuals battling mental health challenges to receive the necessary care and assistance.

Hopefully, Kimani will receive the support he needs to navigate through these difficult times and regain stability in his life.


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