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Khaligraph: I’m Building A Huge Mansion To Show Other Musicians That It’s Good To Invest 

Khaligraph Jones is building a multistorey mansion which looks like the Tower of Babel and whose construction began early this year and is expected to complete in 2023.

Netizens were left wondering how tall Khaligraph’s mansion would rise as construction workers were seen pouring a new concrete slab for the third floor in a recent photo he shared on social media.

The rapper indicated in his post that the construction of his mansion will be complete in 2023.

“Vision 2023, pole pole haina haraka,” he wrote.

Khaligraph revealed why he is building a super big mansion while speaking during a recent interview.

“I show my successes because it’s something that wasn’t shown by guys who were here before us,” Khaligraph said.

“I’m building a home to show other musicians that it’s good to invest because, with this industry, things can change, but if you have a place to call home where you don’t pay rent, it’s safe for the family,” he added.

Khaligraph further said that his house construction was progressing slow because he doesn’t have all the money that is required for building the house in a fast pace.

“I’m building it at my own pace because I don’t have all that money, but mimi sijengi nyumba za ufala, najenga nyumba noma. It’s massive with many bedrooms. Najisukuma,” Khaligraph said.

“I’m striving to have one of the best just to show the people that this thing is possible because 10 years ago, I didn’t have a place to call home. Mimi nilikuwa naishi Dandora being housed by someone na nilikuwa nalala kwa kiti. So my mansion is to show people that nothing is impossible,” he added.

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