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Kajala Was Promiscous, She Used,Cheated And Dumped Harmonize

The lyrics of Harmonize’s songs may have been inspired by a real-life heartbreak, as rumors suggest that Kajala used him and then left him broken-hearted.

Harmonize’s friend and supporter, Mwijaku, has publicly disclosed the reason behind the split between Harmonize and Kajala. Mwijaku claims that Kajala had an affair with an unidentified South African man, which prompted Harmonize to make the difficult and heart-wrenching choice to terminate their romantic relationship.

The once-envied couple’s love story may have taken a bitter turn, with fans left to wonder what really went wrong. Mwijaku, who is privy to the personal affairs of the former couple, revealed that the lovebirds went their separate ways in late 2022. Harmonize, who was prepared to commit to Kajala, had informed Mwijaku about their upcoming wedding scheduled for December 2022.

Harmonize was an exceptionally faithful man who went as far as leaving his phone with Kajala to demonstrate his commitment to their relationship. He was exceedingly generous with Kajala and fulfilled her every desire, including presenting her with a Range Rover as a gift.

According to Mwijaku, Kajala’s return to Harmonize was motivated by the desire to keep the Range Rover, and she intended to exploit him for wealth and fame before leaving him.

On the day of their separation, Harmonize discovered that Kajala was involved in an affair with an unidentified South African man. Furthermore, Mwijaku disclosed that Kajala had been engaging in explicit conversations with multiple men through her inbox, which was unforgivable.

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