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Kajala Opens Up On The Cause Her Break-Up With Harmonize, Reveals She Is Dating Kenyan Politician

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has finally opened up on her break-up with Bongo sensation Harmonize.

In an interview with Radio Citizen, Kajala said that she was in love with Harmonize and when he begged him for forgiveness after their first break up last year, she went back to him.

They however split again but this time permanently in December .

“I went back to Harmonize because I loved him. I had moved on but he was there. When he asked for forgiveness…I don’t know what to say,” the mother of one said.

Hinting on what might have caused their separation, Kajala said that they had been spending most of their time together and it is possible that Harmonize needed his own space.

She however said that she doesn’t blame him because he is still young.

“Shit happens, when someone is so used to you, he takes you easily. I don’t blame him, he is a young man maybe he needed space, we were too close. At first he thought I was joking when I said I wanted to be with him 24/7, he needed his space to do his own things,” the actress said.

Kajala was however reluctant to reveal if Harmonize cheated on her or not.

At the same time she revealed that she is currently dating a Kenyan politician.

“I moved on. I have someone who hails from Kenya. I am not joking. He is known, he is a politician I can not mention him,” she said.

Kajala added that their relationship is currently two months. She further insisted that she is ready to give her daughter Paula a sibling.

“I will bring you a Kenyan baby,” she said.




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