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Jovial Tells Off People Warming Her Against Falling In Love With Willy Paul

Willy Paul has been hitting on Jovial for a long time and now it appears she is finally falling for him.

Jovial hinted at falling for Willy Paul as she angrily hit out at netizens urging her not to date the singer.

“Kuna watu kwenye haya maisha huwa wanataka wakuendeshe na kukwambia cha kufanya na wakati maisha ni yako,” Jovial wrote on InstaStories.

Willy Paul has been hitting on Jovial for a while. In early August he hit on the songbird while commenting on her post.

“Wewe nikupata nakukula na ugali ya ushago aki mapenzi wewe!!!” Willy Paul commented.

Jovial dismissed Willy Paul’s comment, saying that he is not his type and that he should look for another woman to thirst after.

“@willy.paul.msafi mi sio size yako! Tafta size yako!” Jovial responded after Willy Paul thirsted after her.

Thirst Willy Paul didn’t give up even after Jovial turned down his romantic advances. He told her that her ‘thing’ is not soap and vowed to smash her soon.

“@jovial_ke boss wacha kiburi hio kitu sio sabuni… anyway, let’s see kama sitakufinya soon,” Willy responded to Jovial’s dismissal of his advances.

Willy Paul later started pleading with Jovial nicely to accept him.

“Maybe I should come slowly jaber… if you know me well then know how much pride I got in me.. so for me to come here and ask you out aaaaaih. Just say yes! Let me show you the other side of life, take you to places you’ve never been before… I know it’s cold out here but I got the skills to warm your heart.. Just give me one day, one night and you’ll beg for me,” Willy Paul wrote.

In another post, he wrote;

“Jovial atleast kuwa na utu. Sikatai watu wanasema mimi ni bwana mkunaji, I don’t know why… in life lazima kila mtu anachoka na anaamua kutulia mimi hapa naomba nitulie na wewe. Nobody is perfect so we shouldn’t judge someone based on his or her past.. Man is to error, but If you give me this chance then for sure I’ll make you the happiest woman on the planet earth.”

Upon seeing the message, Jovial replied; “Ungeanza hivi from the start… no human is perfect, you just needed a good approach.”


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