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“Hamtanizoea Moving Forward. Nimewanyamazia For So Long” Huddah Rants Like A Mad Woman

Huddah Monroe totally lost her cool after she was hit where it hurts the most.

The petite socialite has had enough of people giving her products bad reviews just to kill her business.

Huddah, who is a cosmetic entrepreneur, read the riot act to malicious people claiming her products are substandard and have an adverse effect on their health.

The socialite warned that she will sue anyone who falsely claims her products are substandard for a whopping $250,000/Ksh34.6 million.

“If you ever say our product did this and that to you knowing very well it’s a lie we will take you to the doctor, we will do all tests necessary and if it’s false you will pay us $250,000 for false accusations and defamation. Even if you are poor you’ll pay us all you earn for the rest of your life! I will live off of you even if you are in the slum. The coming years I’m not playing with my brand or my name. It took me so long to get here. Mumenizoea and it’s enough,” Huddah warned.

“Mtajua mimi ni ghetto child. Hamtanizoea moving forward. Nimewanyamazia for so long. I will never ever let anyoone publish shit about me again without facts. Hao wa hide my ID we will see your ID and true identity in court na mtanilipa mpaka mchooke nonsense,” she added.

The socialite further insisted that she was ready for an all-out war.

“I will fight for me until my last breath. No more fake news about me and think I’ll let it slide. Warn your bloggers I’m ready for war.”


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