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Stevo Simple Boy Will Impregnate And Marry Pritty Vishy If She Pays Him 3 Million

Stevo Simple Boy is ready to marry and impregnate his ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy.

The Kibera rapper says if she wants his forgiveness, she must pay him Kes 50,000. If she desires to have a child with him, the price is Sh 1 million. And if she hopes for them to reconcile and get back together, she must fork out Kes 500,000. But if she dreams of a wedding with him, the cost skyrockets to Kes 2 million.

Just a few weeks ago, Stevo hinted at a potential change in his relationship status when he confessed his feelings for Betty Kyallo, who recently joined TV47. Despite being celibate for ten months following his previous breakup, Stevo expressed his willingness to end his celibacy journey for Betty.

When asked about his celibacy, Stevo confidently replied, “Sahi ni miezi kumi”.

He emphasized that he would only consider engaging in intimate activities within the context of a serious relationship.

He seemed optimistic that Betty would accept his proposal to be his girlfriend and, hopefully, his future wife.

These new statements from Stevo Simple Boy have stirred up a buzz among fans and the media.

Some applaud his straightforwardness, while others question the sincerity of his intentions arguing that it sounds planned for clout chasing.

Stevo says he doesn’t miss anything about Pritty Vishy.


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