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“Hauogopi?” Babu Owino Drops 11 Questions That Must Be Answered After Death Of CDF Francis Ogolla

“Otherwise Mambo ni Tatu! If all these questions can be answered then our Hearts may stop bleeding.” Babu Owino says.

Babu Owino, via his Facebook page, has posed eleven questions concerning the fatal helicopter crash that claimed the life of CDF Francis Ogolla and several other top military officers.

He believes that providing answers to these questions will offer closure to concerned netizens.

The Embakasi MP questions the whereabouts of key military personnel such as the West Command commander, the Defense Forces Sgt major, and the Army commander during the operation.

He also queries why a single helicopter, without the usual 50ACB Helicopter Escort, was designated for the CDF’s use in the operational area.

Babu Owino also raises concerns about the composition of the CDF’s company, consisting solely of junior officers, and questions the appropriate rank required to pilot a helicopter carrying the CDF.

He wonders who should have conducted the parade for the CDF during the operation and why he was the sole individual inspecting a school instead of his subordinates.

Further, he seeks clarification on the standard number of helicopters a CDF should utilize during visits to operational areas and questions the timing of the CDF’s demise following recent changes within the KDF.

Finally, Babu Owino asks questions into the succession plan for the CDF position according to the Tonje Rules and speculates on the future tenure of the current deputy.

Babu Owino emphasizes the importance of addressing these inquiries to calm the concerns of netizens and bring closure to the tragic incident.

He implies that failure to provide satisfactory explanations may continue the anguish felt by many citizens following the fatal accident.Babu Owino


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