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“Hii Machine Ni Kubwa Sana” Salasya Turns Down Marriage Proposal From Curvaceous Woman

Ivyn Shantel recently went viral for requesting Mumias East MP Peter Salasya to marry her.

The middle-aged woman went to the streets displaying a placard with her contact details plastered on it.

“MP PK Salasya marry me. Ready to settle,” she wrote on the placard.

The MP has finally responded to the Shantel’s request saying that she is a big machine and wouldn’t be able to handle her.

“Naskia hii ikitrend. Hii machine ni kubwa sana sidhani kaa niko na nguvu ya kuendesha hii machine nitashindwa na kazi sitaki kudharauliwa kwa sasa,” he said.

In October 2022, another woman, identified as Lydia Ronad, went viral for asking Salasya to marry her.

The MP treated Lydia for lunch at parliament buildings, promising that she would be the next Woman Rep for Kisii county.

“Vaida finally came for a lunch in the parliament buildings as I had promised Kenyans . Lydia Ronad will be the next woman rep of Kisii county or the replacement of my friend #silvanasosoro, south Migirango MP. Her courage and charisma will take her place,” he said.

The single MP has from time to time faced pressure to marry and settle down. He however previously explained the challenge he was facing towards realizing that.

“The problem is that I want a lady who will agree to remain in the village, but they don’t want that. They want to accompany me wherever I go, whether it’s Nairobi or anywhere else,” he said.

He added that having a wife would have also prevented him from achieving the things that he has achieved currently.

“If I had a wife at the time, I would not have achieved these milestones because every time I come home, my wife would question why I gave out KSh300 at a fundraiser yet there is no food in the house. It would be chaos all the time. So I chose to live a freestyle life,” the lawmaker said.




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