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“My Ovaries Are Twerking For You!” Kenyan Women Compete To Be Married By Peter Salasya

“My ovaries have been twerking for you Peter Salasya since our time at Egerton University…sijui sasa ntaambia aje izi ovaries.” “Mhesh marry me, slightly used and in good condition!” Beautiful ladies tell the Mumias MP.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has become the center of attention for Kenyan women across the country, as he recently announced his intentions to get married. His quest for a soulmate has sparked excitement and competition among women who are eager to capture his heart.

Salasya, known for his candid remarks, described his ideal partner in a humorous yet intriguing way, stating, “When I find a woman who won’t control me, I’ll be carrying her bag as long as she gives me my freedom.” This statement resonated with many women who appreciated his desire for mutual respect and independence in a relationship.

Following his announcement, social media platforms were flooded with messages from women vying for Salasya’s affection.

Tamara Arsenal humorously wrote, “I’m here, mhesh. My ovaries have been twerking for you since our time at Egerton University… I don’t know how to tell my ovaries about this.”

Nurse Aj cheekily offered herself, saying, “Mhesh marry me. I’m slightly used and in good condition.”

Becky listed her qualities, expressing her humility, innocence, politeness, hardworking nature, and religious devotion as reasons for Salasya to consider her.

While some messages from netizens are humorous, they also showcase the genuine interest and admiration that many Kenyan women have for the MP.

@hon_petersalasya001Nimeitoa leo asubuhi mumesema watu wa marry this year but who is willing to stay in the village hehe

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