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“Thank You Guardian Angel, You Have Given Me A Chance To Be Your Wife At My Age” – Ester Musila

Esther Musila opened her heart to Guardian Angel telling him that she has never felt she has any kind of authority over him just because she is older than him.

The couple spoke on Guardian Angel’s YouTube channel where they candidly spoke about their feelings for each other.

“I’m at a place in my life where I now understand what marriage is all about,” Guardian Angel said, adding that he has learned to be disciplined and responsible.

The two lovebirds also talked about growing up and things they went through as a couple.

Talking about her role in her husband’s life, Esther Musila thanked him for choosing her without any regret.

“You have given me a chance at my age to be a wife. It comes naturally from me just being a wife, and this comes from the way you treat me, the respect you give me, the friendship we have,” she said.

Adding that; “Me being older than you has never made me feel that I have any kind of authority. You are the head of the family, so many people will think that oh because Esther is older she can say. You know?.. .No.”

The Guardian further addressed the misconception in their marriage

“If a man must be in power it has nothing to do with age, if a man has a stubborn wife, a stubborn head has nothing to do with age,” he said.

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