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Amira Reconciles With Her Baby Daddy Jamal Rohosafi, Offers To Teach His Wife How To Cook 

“Baba Shamir please bring your wife nimfunze kupika mapocho pocho” Amira pleaded with Jamal Rohosafi after their reunion.

Amira and Jamal Rohosafi had a nasty breakup and everyone thought they would never talk to each other again leave alone meeting in person.

However, the two former lovebirds took netizens by surprise as they meet in person at Jamal’s house.

Jamal Rohosafi and his ex wife Amira chilling at home

Netizens quickly confronted Amira demanding answers after she was spotted with her ex husband.

“Lol mshafika kwa DM very fast. So people can’t co-parent?” Amira responded to inquisitive netizens.


The mother of two added that she had healed following the feud with Jamal and even offered to teach his wife Michelle Wangari Thiong’o how to cook.

“Btw once you heal co-parenting can be soo healthy also once you have kids y’all know that person will always be a part of your life and my kids are happy and it’s actually peaceful this way. That said baba Shamir please bring your wife nimfunze kupika mapocho pocho,” Amira wrote.


Amira left Jamal in November 2021 after he reunited with Amber Ray who wrecked their marriage.

Ray, who was married to Jamal as his second wife, also left the businessman in January 2022.

Jamal desperately pleaded with Amira to take him back after Amber Ray also left him.

The businessman wrote a lengthy letter to his estranged wife on July 16, 2022, pleading with Amira to reconcile with him.

After Amira refused to get back with him, Jamal went on to marry his employee Michelle Wangari Thiong’o.

Jamal and Amira were embroiled in seemingly unending online feud after he married Thiong’o.

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