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“My Nyash Suffers” Vera Sidika Admits Her Huge Bum Bum Is Causing Trouble In Her Home

Vera Sidika has admitted that her huge backside is causing a disaster even in her home.

The mother of two had shared videos of the quality moments she had with her daughter Asia.

In one of the videos, Asia demonstrated how she would use a toilet, leaving her mother in stitches. The minor indicated that after using the toilet, one uses a tissue which is disposed in the toilet bowl and after which he/she would proceed to flash the toilet.

While demonstrating the disposal process, it was noted that the cover of the toilet bowl needed to be fixed, with a netizen blaming Vera for destroying it.

“Mizigo yako imevunja hadi toilet seat aki,” the  fan reacted.

Responding to the comment, Vera pleaded guilty as charged.

“No lie. I need a custom toilet seat. My Nyash suffers,” she said.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 12 at 120016

“At her age. This is very good home training. You can tell she is organized and clean,” another fan commended Asia.

“Very clean. Asia washes her hands 150 times a day,” Vera responded.

In October 2022, Vera caused a stir online after admitting that she had decided to remove her butt implants, due to health risks and complications.

“THE REBIRTH …This has been the hardest phase in my life. Due to health risks, I had to undergo surgery. It’s still very unbelievable. But I’ve come to terms with it and learnt to love myself regardless.

“Ladies; please learn to love yourself and don’t ever let peer pressure rush you into things that will ruin you in future. I’m lucky to be alive, God loves me so much. Honestly, it’s been pretty hard, I didn’t even celebrate my birthday this year, but here we are,” she claimed in a lengthy Instagram post.

It however turned out that she was just chasing clout to promote her song.


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