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Eric Omondi Flies To London For Lunch Following Moses Kuria’s Remarks

“Thank you bwana Kuria for Sponsoring my tour 7 years ago,” Eric Omondi said.


The comedian has jetted out of the country for a one day trip to London, United Kingdom.

Eric decided to leave the country briefly after Moses Kuria faulted him for opposing government, saying that he regrets sponsoring the comedian for a US trip 7 years ago.

The Trade CS said that he took Eric Omondi abroad so that he can see how the world is but now he regrets and should have used the money to have fun.

“Ni lazima tuwe watu ambao tunajilinganisha na dunia nzima. Nimeskia Eric akisema ni kijana. Miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko. Saa hii vile anaongea, afadhali ningetumia hio pesa kwa sherehe,” Kuria stated.

Following the CS remarks, Eric now says that he wants to prove to him that he can sponsor himself.

He was however grateful that Kuria sponsored him to US in the past.

Eric Omondi went ahead and asked the CS not to tax content creators so that they can be able to sponsor their own trips.

“After hearing Moses Kuria speak, I decided to take myself to London just for Lunch and also thank God for how far He’s brought us. Thank you bwana Kuria for Sponsoring my tour 7 years ago but PLEASE dont TAX Content Creators 15% so that they are able to tour on their own. Wewe unaelewa struggle ya Vijana na Wasanii ambia Orezo awapatie time kwanza wa grow,” the funny man wrote on Instagram.


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