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Daddy Owen Responds To Claims Of Being Supportive Husband Charlene Prayed For

Daddy Owen has responded to claims of being the supportive husband that televangelist Benny Hinn prayed for Charlene Ruto to have.

In an interview, Daddy Owen said that he is not aware because he can’t determine such a matter.

“How would I know? At the end of the day there are things in this world it is not for you to determine. If prayers are being offered, mimi naingilia wapi. I am not the one who converts any prayer. Every one has a chance to pray to God,” he said.

The interviewers however wondered if Charlene was the wife he was looking for sometime back and if he was keeping their relationship private.

Responding to them, Daddy Owen said,”Each and every moment there are things you see and as times goes by many changes happen in your life maybe at that moment nilikuwa naongelea kitu hio but you discover sahi nimekuwa very busy hata sina time ya kufikiria vitu kama hizo.”

Daddy Owen also said that he is not affected by online trolls.

“We live in the world where by everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as you are in the public domain, anyone can say anything at any time. Sometimes it is really hard for you to criticise them because in the first place you are a public so it is expected for anyone to talk about you

While maintaining that he and Charlene are just friends, Owen said that she is among the many people he works with on different projects and is because of what he does that they want to associate with him.

“When we come together and try to help people, the impact is always there It is a collaboration that I do with other people. We have worked together and we will still work together” he noted, adding that there is another high profile individual that he will soon be collaborating with and it will definitely raise eyebrows.








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