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“Simwagi Ndani Tena!” Mulamwah Tells Kenyan Women Asking Him To Impregnate Them

“So many ladies in my DM ati wanataka mimba, watalea wenyewe!” Mulamwah brags.

Mulamwah now says he’s not making any more babies after making her two girlfriends mothers.

After breaking up with his baby mama Carol Sonnie and leaving her a single mother, and recently being a father to a baby boy thanks to his bestie Ruth K; he now claims that many women have been messaging him, asking for his seed.

Surprisingly, these women aren’t asking for child support. They say they can take care of themselves and the baby.

Mulamwah took to his social media to share this surprising news with his followers. He wanted to put an end to all the speculation.

“So many ladies are messaging me, saying they want my baby and they’ll take care of everything. I appreciate the love, but let’s keep it professional. I’m not having any more children,” Mulamwah announced.

It now seems Mulamwah is firm in his decision after harvesting two women and making them pregnant. Despite the interest from these women, he’s not planning to become a father again anytime soon.


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