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Olisikia Wapi! Daddy Owen Changes Statement After Charlene Ruto Asks Benny Hinn For A Husband 

Daddy Owen took Charlene Ruto to meet his mother and was optimistic of marrying her but the president’s daughter wants another man for a husband.

Things took an interesting turn after Charlene asked Pastor Benny Hinn to pray for her to get a husband during the preacher’s crusade at Nyayo Stadium on February 25, 2024.

Netizens wondered why Charlene asked the Israeli Canadian televangelist for a husband when Daddy Owen was thought to be in the process of paying her dowry.

Charlene Ruto and Pastor Benny Hinn

Daddy Owen has been forced to explain the nature of his relationship with Charlene Ruto after she asked Benny Hinn for a husband.

In a recent interview, Daddy Owen said that Charlene is just a supportive friend who is always willing to help in his community projects.

“This is something I have been asked severally and I answered… anyone will want to fabricate things around it and people started doing that

“But never did I ever mention something apart from what I have always said and also what she has kept on saying. I have always insisted that me and Charlene are just friends and she has been supporting most of my projects and I also do the same.

“So I don’t think there is something more that can be discussed past that,” Owen noted.

Daddy Owen’s statement is a contradiction of his earlier remarks where he used to suggest that Charlene and him are lovers.

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