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“Huyu Ni Upgrade!” Director Trevor Introduces His New Love After Dumping Mungai Eve

“Umekuja soko juzi na ushatoka?” Netizens tell Director Trevor after posting his new woman.

Director Trevor surprised his fans by introducing a new love interest after parting ways with Mungai Eve. He shared some photos online, and keen observers noticed a mysterious woman by his side. This sparked curiosity among Kenyans, who couldn’t believe how quickly he had moved on from his previous relationship.

Trevor and Mungai Eve had announced their breakup earlier, stating that they were focusing on their individual social media endeavors. However, the timing of Trevor’s new romance left many scratching their heads. Some speculated about when exactly Trevor and his new flame got together, considering his recent split with Mungai.

The situation gained more attention when Trevor posted pictures on his Instagram, strategically hiding his new girlfriend’s face with a love emoji. This move stirred up even more discussion online, with netizens expressing surprise and curiosity about Trevor’s newfound love.

While Trevor’s actions may have raised eyebrows, everyone deals with breakups differently.

Some people take longer to move on, while others find new love quickly.


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