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“Alioniona Adui Ila Nilikuwa Upande Wake” Rayvanny Opens Up On His Fight, Reconciliation With Harmonize

Tanzanian artists Rayvanny and Harmonize are no longer at logger-heads after beefing for years.

The two artists made peace and have been engaging in conversations thus exciting their fans.

Rayvanny however recently detailed the origin of their beef and how they were able to make piece. In an interview with Clouds FM, Rayvanny said that their disagreements began way before Harmonize decided to quit Diamond’s Wasafi.

“Before Harmonize even left Wasafi, we wouldn’t talk at times. We used to quarrel, you know when you are children from the same house and still growing, a lot of things were happening but the biggest point of our argument was on musical issues. By the time he left(Wasafi) we used to talk a lot and he would call me more often,” the tetema hitmaker said.

Their beef was however reignited once again after Rayvanny was interviewed. In the interview, he talked about something that Harmonize saw as an attack.

“I talked about something which made him think I was attacking him. He saw me as an enemy yet I was on his side. As time went by, the hatred kept growing,” the father of one further said.

Things between them got worse when Harmonize threatened to sue him for leaking his private conversations and videos online. This was at the time Harmonize was accused of eyeing Kajala’s daughter Paula, yet he was dating the actress.

“There is the issue of the case. He wanted me to be jailed for more than 30 years yet I have a son and family. Imagine you are my brother you can’t do that. Previously, I took all the things lightly but after the incident I said this guy is my enemy,” Rayvanny recounted.

He however said that as time went by, they realized that their is no need of them to continue fighting and they were also growing. At that point, they decided to bury the hatchet.

Rayvanny added that were it upon him, artists wouldn’t be fighting not because of their sake but their future generations.

“You can quarrel as artists and end well but the problem will come in your generations. Your children can’t help each other because of your war,” he said.


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