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“Kiss My a**” Abel Mutua Hits Back At Andrew Kibe For Criticizing His Explicit Movie

“Huyo mtu shida yake siui inakuanga nini. Mkiona Andrew Kibe mwambie sisi we don’t want negativity,”


Former Tahidi High Actor Abel Mutua has responded to Andrew Kibe after he criticized his movie, Click Click Bang.

Mutua told off Kibe saying that he doesn’t want negativity because he is busy learning about FQIS.

“Pale kwa ndege kuna kitu inaitwa FQIS. Fuel Quantity Indicating System, this is the main character of our story. Niliona Andrew Kibe alihate on Click Click Bang. Kakitu kalitrend hapo  twitter Andrew akaongea mbaya. Huyo mtu shida yake siui inakuanga nini. Mkiona Andrew Kibe mwambie sisi we don’t want negativity, we are busy learning about FQIS. FQISS my a** bi*ch,” the father one in a video shared online.


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Kibe sampled Click Click bang  in January saying that Kenya had lost it. He added that the movie made Kenya the second most immoral country in Africa.

“There is a new Kenyan show, have you guys seen the show,” Kibe began off his video as he showed explicit scenes of the movie.

“This is a recording, there are people of lights, camera, there is a guy of mic there is a director, there is a guy of continuity to make sure they start off where they left. There is a guy of sound. Wanaume Kenya imeenda. Its done. We should all move to Afunyegestan now. We are the most  [immoral] country in Africa right now right behind South Africa,” he further said.

He went on to slam Mutua who was the movie producer saying that he is now on his radar. Kibe wondered if Mutua had children since it did not make sense to release such a video.

“Click  Click Bang a film by Abel Mutua and NG Moses. Abel Mutua is a weak mother**cker. Amekaliwa na wife yake he can’t even crack jokes nowadays. If this is your production Abel Mutua now you are in my radar. Now we are going to look at some of the other things that you are doing because wewe ni kama hauna watoi, ushawahi fanya DNA, because why would you put out such content so you are using your popularity to propagate nonsense” Kibe said.



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