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Vera Sidika: I Realized I Could Use My Big Booty To Get What I Want When I Moved To Nairobi 

Socialite Vera Sidika candidly discussed her experiences with body image and dating in a recent interview with a local news outlet.

Sidika, known for her curvaceous figure, revealed that she faced criticism for her physique earlier in life, which led her to want to be thin due to public pressure.

She shared that she would often wear oversized clothing to hide her body, but her perspective shifted after moving to Nairobi.

The city’s acceptance of her figure and admiration for her curves helped her develop a positive body image.

“I used to be bullied a lot in school,” Sidika said. “I just wanted to be skinny so I could cover up. But then I moved to Nairobi, and everyone was like, ‘Have you seen that booty?’ That’s when I realized I had a nice body. People made me realize I could use what I have to get what I want.”

Sidika also spoke about her preference for dating Nigerian men, citing their personalities as the reason. She believes that Nigerian men treat women better than Kenyan men and is willing to consider dating again in the future.

However, Sidika emphasized that there are conditions to be met when seeking a Nigerian partner.

“First of all, you need to have nyash [buttocks],” she said. “It’s not really about a big nyash, but you need to have something.”

The socialite recently revealed that she has already moved on with a Nigerian man, but she has not disclosed any details about him.

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