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Kama Hakuna Evidence It Doesn’t Count! Vera Sidika Reveals Her Body Count

Vera Sidika has been entertaining Kenyans through reality shows such as Nairobi Diaries and currently The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Despite being a reality star, she is a business woman focusing on hair and beauty, that earns her good money.

Being a socialite, Vera engages in clubbing and partying, where she is paid to make appearances and host and she also travels around the world. She also sings from time to time and shares content on YouTube, although not so often.

With all this success, the mother of two however admits that she did not start anywhere as someone’s employee.

During a Quickfire session at the launch of the Real Housewives of Nairobi Season 2, the voluptuous socialite was asked what her first job was.

Surprisingly she said; “Job? I have never been employed.”

Separately, on Instagram, in a Question and Answer Session with fans, the mother of two was confronted with a question about her body count now. According to her, it is only 1.

” Just 1. Kama hakuna evidence it doesn’t count,” Vera said.

Also, another fan questioned her why she decided to comment on the issue that Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai recently faced, that forced her to seek financial help from her female friends to bail out her fiance.

“Well, I aired my opinion when asked. What happened to freedom of speech?” Vera responded to the query.

She further wrote, ” Y’all are saying accounts frozen. I knew that. I just thought businessmen have backup plans incase crisis happens. That way she didn’t have to bring her problems to her friends  who will all know will always betray.”

“It is a sad world and nobody gives a fuck . Plus those are issues she could have personally dealt with or involve her family. Outsiders will just laugh at your problems and still not help.”

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