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Vanessa Mdee: I Got Born Again In Nakuru When I Was 8 Years Old

Renown Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has opened up about her journey to salvation which happened in Kenya decades ago.

Mdee, in a TikTok video, said that she got saved when she was studying in Nakuru, Kenya at the age of 8 years.

“I got saved at about eight years old in Nakuru, Kenya, at Greensted school which I went to at the time and it was my sister Nancy and my brother G. I remember my mother visiting and we were like ‘mummy, we got saved, we got born again,” she said.

Her mother, being a Muslim at the time, brushed their salvation considering it nonsense. She however revealed that her mother is currently an apostle and powerful woman of God.

“My dad was also a church leader. Its funny that now people are saying ‘its so nice you are giving your life to Christ.’ My life was always given to Christ…Just that I wasn’t living right and I wasn’t an example of that,” the mother of two noted.

She went on to encourage her viewers to teach their children the way of God in the earliest ages as possible.

“So that when they grow older, they don’t stray away or stray further away, they’ll always find their way back which was me throughout my career.”

“If you are like me and feel like its too late or you’ve done too many things, or you’re not in the right standing, there’s no such thing, Jesus loves you,” Mdee concluded.

Vanessa has however not been in church since 2019 when she relocated to the United States with her husband Rotimi.

In an Instagram video in November 2023, Vanessa said that they were yet to find a truthful church.

“Hatujapata kanisa ambalo tunalipenda au kanisa la ukweli ambalo limejaa roho mtaktifu kwa hiyo hatuendi kanisani kama kanisani huku lakini mara kwa mara naingia kwenye streaming online, yeah,” she said.


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