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Embarambamba Reveals His Daughter Fell Into A Pit Latrine

Controversial musician Embarambamba has explained why he doesn’t have a proper toilet at his homestead.

This after he was criticized during a live show with Oga Obinna.

Responding to the criticism Embarambamba explained that he has been unable to construct a good latrine because he is so keen on helping people without asking to be paid first.

“I have a problem at home. I knew that when you become an artist, you are okay even at home but I am a bit different. If you tell me that you have a fundraising at your church I will go , I will not wait for you to pay me before I come. Helping people is the reason why I don’t have a toilet,” he said.

He went on to reveal that his daughter fell into the latrine that they were using but she was luckily saved by her elder sibling.

“When I had completed my show, the next day I was told my third born had fallen into the pit latrine. By good lack the latrine didn’t fully cover her. My elder child  pulled her out,” he narrated.

Shortly after that, he found himself in trouble with KFCB, leaving him further confused by the turn of events.

At the same time, Embarambamba said that the Kenya Films Classification Board saw the deletion of his 500 songs on YouTube.

His latest release release Niko Uchi were among those affected.

“My song ‘Niko Uchi’ I was saying there are things that we do at night, you go to church and chat with sidechicks, we are naked. Another thing someone smokes in darkness and comes to crowd smelling, it’s being naked. There are things that we do but when we come before God we pretend to be good that is why I was saying that we are naked before but the video was bad,” he explained.

Embarambamba said that he decided to go commando in the music video so that his message could get home.



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