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“Anapenda Kifo Cha Mende!” Bahati Reveals The Siex Positions Diana Marua Loves

Bahati says Diana Marua’s favorite rungu-la position is m!ssi0nary. Baha is also asking her to give him siex anytime he wants instead of measuring it for him, lol!

Bahati claims he’s a real champion between the sheets. He boldly says he’s like a rooster, ready to impress his wife. He even says Diana can vouch for his skills.

On the other hand, Bahati likened Diana to a Church girl calling her Vasco’dogga’ma, someone who enjoys the traditional missionary style, implying she prefers a more straightforward approach to lovemaking.

Bahati isn’t shy about expressing his desires to Diana either. He believes that intimacy should never be restricted when a man wants it. He encourages Diana to be more open and willing to indulge in physical intimacy with him.

However, determining who’s better in bed isn’t just about flashy claims or preferences.

It’s about mutual satisfaction, communication, and understanding between partners.

While Bahati may boast about his prowess and preferences, what truly matters is how both partners feel about their intimate connection even as he alleges Diana loves that famous kifo ya mende style.

In any relationship, it’s important for partners to openly communicate their desires, boundaries, and preferences. This ensures that both parties feel respected and fulfilled in their physical connection. Whether it’s trying new things or sticking to familiar routines, what matters most is the mutual enjoyment and satisfaction of both partners.

Bahati also tells Diana that lungula should not be gated when a man wants it, asking her to give it to him more.


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