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“Kanisa Za Huku Hazina Upako” Vanessa Mdee Avoids American Churches Like Trouble

Vanessa Mdee has never set foot in church since 2019 when she relocated to US.

The Tanzanian singer moved to America after falling for her partner Rotimi.

Speaking in an Instagram video, Vee Money revealed that both Rotimi and her have been avoiding church like trouble.

However, the Bongo songbird pointed out that not going to church does not mean that she has never worshiped God as she sometimes does worship at home with her family.

The mother of two further explained that they don’t go to church because they haven’t found a church that they like or a true church that is full of the holy spirit.

She added that they prefer to stream sermons online.

“Hatujapata kanisa ambalo tunalipenda au kanisa la ukweli ambalo limejaa roho mtaktifu kwa hiyo hatuendi kanisani kama kanisani huku lakini mara kwa mara naingia kwenye streaming online, yeah,” Vanessa Mdee said.

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Vee Money hooked up with Rotimi in July 2019 after they met at the Essence Festival in the US.

Rotimi proposed to Mdee in December 2020 after a year of dating. The two lovebirds were blessed with their first child, a son named Seven, together in September 2021. The couple welcomed their second child, a girl named Imani, in March 2023.


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