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Victor Wanyama Reacts To Rumors He Dated Diana Bahati And Being Morgan’s Father

Morgan Bahati is a photocopy of Victor Wanyama and netizens have been alleging he once dated Diana Marua.

former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama has come forward to address swirling rumors surrounding his alleged past relationship with Diana Marua, before she entered into a high-profile union with former gospel singer Bahati. The rumors, which gained traction on social media, sparked a wave of speculation and intrigue among fans.

Wanyama, known for his prowess on the football field, spoke to gossip master Ankali of Milele FM to set the record straight, denying any romantic involvement with Diana Marua. The football star emphasized that the rumors were baseless and unfounded, and that the viral photo of the two was taken ages ago and they were just friends.

Wanyama is now urging the public to refrain from spreading false information about his personal life.

The Kenyan international also addressed the widespread belief that he is the biological father of Morgan Bahati, the son of Diana Marua and Bahati. Despite the striking physical resemblance between Wanyama and Morgan, the footballer clarified that there is no paternal connection between them.

Wanyama’s revelation has triggered a fresh wave of discussions among netizens, with many expressing surprise and curiosity about the actual identity of Morgan Bahati’s biological father. Morgan was adopted by Bahati from the children’s home he also grew up at, this is public info.

The footballer, who is known for his private nature, chose to address the matter directly, dispelling any misconceptions and setting the record straight.


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