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Akothee Explains Why She Stopped Being A Member Of Seventh-Day Church And Started Clubbing 

Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, openly shared her decision to leave the Seventh-day Adventist Church following the dissolution of her marriage nearly two decades ago.

Reflecting on her life’s journey, she revealed personal insights during a discussion about her path to success.

In a reflective tone, Akothee posted an old photo from 2006 showing her performing at a club in Malindi, reminiscing about the period after her marriage ended.

She candidly expressed, “When my marriage broke up, I threw away the Seventh-day Adventist Church and joined the world. Now I am back in church 🤣🙏.”

Her marriage to Jared Otieno, the father of her elder daughters, officially ended in 2011 after a divorce case filed in 2007.

Akothee hinted at the reason behind their split, mentioning that her husband had fallen in love with another woman.

After parting ways with Jared, Akothee relocated to Mombasa with hopes of finding employment.

However, she faced obstacles due to document limitations, recalling, “I always wanted to be a taxi driver. I didn’t have the papers to go knock on someone’s door, I only had Form 4 certificates. (Mr. Jared) refused my papers and my ID. When I went to Mombasa, I couldn’t get any job, even being a waiter requires an ID.”

During her time in Mombasa, Akothee reconnected with the father of her fourth child, leading to the birth of her first son, Prince Ojwang.

In 2022, Akothee officially confirmed the details of her divorce from Jared Otieno, stating, “This divorce decree was filed in 2007, Absolute Nisi Order. Therefore, this marriage was dissolved on May 22, 2011, by the High Court.”

Akothee’s journey is a testament to resilience and transformation, highlighting her return to faith after exploring different paths and facing personal challenges. Her story serves as inspiration, demonstrating the power of determination and self-discovery on the road to success.

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