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“Ata Kama Si Vajo’ MP Peter Salasya Looking For A Woman After Suffering Long Dry-spell

“Nairobi is very cold you just need to have a woman around. Can we find one really ata kama si vajo?” MP Peter Salasya asks.

MP Peter Salasya from Mumias East has recently made headlines, not for his political endeavors, but for his search for companionship. Admitting to struggling with loneliness during the chilly season, Salasya expressed his desire for a partner, even if she’s not a “virgin” (anything will do he seems to communicate).

Formerly known only to the residents of Mumias East, Salasya’s rise to prominence came with his election as a Member of Parliament in the last General Election. Initially reserved, he now comfortably graces the headlines, not just for his rags-to-riches story, but for his enjoyment of life as an MP.

Recently, Iavyn Shantel garnered attention by publicly requesting Salasya’s hand in marriage. Displaying her contact details on a placard, she pleaded, “MP PK Salasya marry me. Ready to settle.” Salasya, however, responded that she might be too much to handle, dubbing her a “big machine.” Despite this initial reluctance, the two decided to meet over dinner to explore the possibility further.

This isn’t the first time Salasya has received such requests. In October 2022, Lydia Ronad also made headlines with her proposal. Salasya, impressed by her courage and charisma, treated her to lunch at the parliament buildings.

Not all attempts to woo Salasya have been successful, though. Socialite Manzi Wa Kibera also attempted to catch his attention with a placard, but to no avail.

Salasya’s journey from a humble hawker to a national figure has taken an unexpected turn as he navigates the world of love and relationships in the public eye which he shows as a content creator nowadays.


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