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“Simind Kumchora Anywhere” Manzi wa Kibera Vows To Honour Mzae, Reveals Their Last Conversation

“Machozi ya mambo hayo” a netizen reacted to Manzi wa Kibera’s emotions after viewing the body of her presumed 67-year old lover Samuel Ndunda Nzioki.

Nzioki was found dead on Sunday April 21 by his grand daughter after complaining of chest pains.

According to Manzi wa Kibera, two day to his death, she was informed that he wasn’t feeling well. Manzi wa Kibera was at the time shooting at the Coast. She says that she channeled the money that she was to pay for the shoot to Mzae’s medical bill, promising to pay the crew once she gets money.

“Thank you so much Mzae kwa kunisaidia nikatrend. Atleast nimemwona nikaamini,” she told Vloggers as she broke down into tears.

According to her, she had a nightmare and was in  a bad mood only for her to receive the sad news. She also shared details of her last conversation with the old man before his death.

“The last time I spoke to him was on Easter Monday. He told me he had nothing and I send him what I had. He had called me through Airtel and because he told he had nothing, I send him money immediately. He told me that I had send the money via Airtel, I will have trouble withdrawing just reverse and send it to the number am going to give you. I told him now that I have already send just go and get the codes and he went. He successfully got the money.

“From that time I think it alilemewa and that is when he sent someone to inform me that he was sick. He relied on me always,” she said.

Manzi wa Kibera has since vowed to honour her lover by getting an artificial  tattoo.

“I will burry him with his clothes and remain with some. I am scared of getting a tattoo so I can’t Mzae’s tattoo but I will look for someone who can draw an artificial one so that I don’t feel pain. Simind Kumchora anywhere,” she said.

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