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“I No Longer Wish To Be A Slave To Weight Loss” Murugi Munyi Makes Peace With Being Fat

Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy has decided to embrace her body the way it is after years of struggling to lose weight.

The popular content creator has revealed that she has made peace with her body size and no longer wishes to be a slave to weight loss.

Munyi emphasized that her health has become her main focus rather than her weight.

“Weight loss is a lifelong journey for some of us, and we continue to walk that journey. There are some of us who love food so much, and it has refused to leave us. We can say that we will stop eating carbohydrates, then we stop for a while and lose weight, but then we eat again, and we start gaining weight,” Munyi said during the launch of a new Kenyan TV series ‘Shanga’.

The content creator added she had made peace with her body weight, adding that she loses and gains weight naturally.

“This is one of those things that I have made peace with. This is now my life, and I am okay with it. I keep gaining and losing. For me, as long as it does not affect my day-to-day life and health, I am happy being a good friend, mother, and wife, and showing up for work with energy,” she said.

Murugi Munyi underwent liposuction in 2022, spending more than Ksh500,000 on the procedure as a personal gift to herself on her 32nd birthday.

“After my third child, my weight reached 120kg, and I knew I had to do something,” Munyi shared.

Despite dedicating a year to gym workouts and successfully reducing her weight to 88kg, Munyi said she found that her tummy remained prominent.

“I was discouraged; being in front of the camera, my belly was always on my mind. I had to think of how to ‘swallow’ and hide it,” she said.

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