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R.I.P Mzee! Manzi Wa Kibera 67 Year Old Boyfriend Dies

Manzi Wa Kibera and Mzee Nzioki trended after announcing their relationship two years ago. The details about the cause of his death remain undisclosed.

Manzi Wa Kibera, is mourning the loss of her 67-year-old boyfriend. The relationship between Manzi Wa Kibera and the older gentleman, Mr. Nzioki, garnered attention after she publicly declared her affection for Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya. Despite her efforts to win Salasya’s heart with a placard, her hopes were dashed.

Manzi Wa Kibera, also known as Wambo, clarified that her connection with Mr. Nzioki was genuine and not motivated by a desire for attention. She revealed that Mr. Nzioki, who had been widowed since 2007, showered her with love and financial support, referring to her as his “retirement package.”

In her own words, Wambo shared, “He’s my new man. I met him after confessing my love for MP Salasya who turned me down. He has money and he is wealthy. He caters to me, he gives me a soft life, attention, and love.”

Mr. Nzioki echoed Wambo’s sentiments, saying that age was not a barrier to their relationship. He emphasized his ability to provide for Wambo, contrasting himself with younger men whom he criticized for breaking young girls’ hearts.

“She is not young for me,” he stated. “I can take care of her and keep my promises unlike young men who are out here breaking young girls’ hearts.”

The news of Mr. Nzioki’s passing was shared by blogger 2Mbili, although details about the cause of his death remain undisclosed. Manzi Wa Kibera and those who knew Mr. Nzioki are undoubtedly mourning his loss.


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