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“Just Friends” Harmonize Wows Netizens As He Perfectly Plaits Poshy Queen’s Hair

Harmonize has left a section of netizens wondering if he takes clients after showcasing his hair plaiting skills.

The Konde Gang CEO took the challenge on Poshy Queen’s hair, who has been rumoured to be in a relationship with.

Armed with a comp, he perfectly did the backdrops, leaving many awed.

Despite the beautiful gesture, the bongo singer maintained that they are just friends.

“We are just friends,” he captioned their video which he shared on his Insta stories.

Here are some of the reactions that the video of him plaiting Poshy Queen attracted.

“This shows that this guy has been through a lot in life hata alisonga watu nywele,” a netizen wrote.

“Sasa hatawai muibia za salon,” actress Yasmeen Said commented

“So ameamua salon hatawahilipa,” read another comment.

Others however said that love is a beautiful thing as others accused him of being a simp.

It is not clear whether Harmonize was involved with beauty and hair before he became a superstar. After clearing high school in 2009, Harmonize resorted to hawking and in 2010, he participated in the Bongo Star Search Competition but was disqualified to to lack of talent. He only landed at Wasafi in 2015.

“I used to sell water in Tanzania. Even when I started focusing on music, it still took me two years to create a name for myself. I also worked as a hawker before. At some point, I felt God had not planned for me to become a musician. There was a time I almost gave up on life, but my mother kept encouraging me to continue pressing on,” he shared previously.

Earlier this year, Harmonize and Poshy Queen were however embroiled in a drama after the singer’s ex-DJ accused him of snatching Poshy Qyeen from him.

Addressing the matter, the lass however denied claims of any romantic involvement with the DJ.

“I wasn’t not going to talk about this, but I think at this point for the sake of me and my man’s image, with all sincerity I have never at any point in life dated DJ Seven, who used to be a friend and we have worked together he knows the truth, I’m not that stupid, please respect my man and stop the drama,” Poshy Queen shared.

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