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“Sijui Ningepata Mtoto Aje!” How Radio Girl Natalie Githinji Nearly Messed Her Private Parts

Natalie Githinji, a radio presenter at NRG, is encouraging her fans to always follow instruction, no matter what the context is.

This is after she learnt the hard way, for failing to follow instructions on body care products that are from singer Avril’s brand, My Everything.

In a YouTube video, Natalie says that Avril told her the instructions on how to use the products, meant for relieving body muscles, as well as her endometriosis, three times. The products  included;epsom salts, humidifier, body wash essential and pepper mint.

Being stubborn, Natalie disregarded the instructions and used double the amount recommended in her bath water.

After that, she proceeded to shower with cold water, yet the instructions required her to use warm water.

“If you are given instructions be it a hospital, follow them. Karibu kinirambe, mi sijui ningepata mtoto aje,” she said.

“Little did  I know that pepper mint does not go well with cold water. I started shaking. I started feeling pain the whole body. My bum bum ikaanza kuniuma, my daisy. My private parts were on fire because of the overdosing. I burnt. Nilikuwa naskia baridi haga, baridi kwa kadaisy, kamum(her honeypot). You can imagine how small my tuhagas are so tumeshikana tunajaribu kutafuta tuwarmth hatupati. Sijawahitetemekea hivyo my entire life.”

After sometime, she realized that her private part was swollen. The shaking also went on for hours. She however recovered from the situation.

“Kamum alipona. My bum bum iliingia joto eventually, karibu niiweke juu ya gas now am good. Next time nitafollow instructions, I don’t want to kill myself. Imagine living without private parts,” Natalie said.

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